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Subscription Benefits

  • Discounted Listings
  • Dedicated advertising consultant
  • Inventory management tool to upload and manage your listings in bulk

Core Products

  • Listing Packages: Post more listings and stand out with professional features (branding, website link, and more)
  • Feature Packages: Top Ads, Bump Ups, Urgent Ads, and Homepage Gallery placements at a reduced rate
  • Banner Advertising: Reach your target audience through custom banner campaigns
  • Kijiji offers a truly invaluable service that drives our advertising success in residential marketing. The ability to tailor and promote ads seamlessly helps us stay competitive in the real estate industry.

    - Sarah Stewart, Residential Marketing Manager, Greenwin Inc.
  • Kijiji has become an integral part of our advertising program for many of our clients over the last few years. We are delighted with the results and have found that the Kijiji team has been very supportive in helping us reach our target market.

    - Bonnie Hoy, Owner, Bonnie Hoy & Associates.